Ian Nnyanzi is a visual artist and designer. He lives and works in Kampala, Uganda. His works can best be described as avant-garde that crazy ideas are those that make the world less boring; a mantra evident in all his photography works. His works intricately express how humanity, animals, buildings, and other physical structures are presented in their complex forms.
He is a Muganda by tribe (singular for Baganda), a Bantu ethnic, also dominant tribe in Central Uganda- East Africa; known for their vibrant culture, strong heritage and ancient traditions still practiced today. The Baganda from time immemorial were skilled craftsmen, artists, and musicians.
Ian is all about building inclusive communities and platforms where established and budding artists of all genres can showcase their work in photography architecture, public art, hip hop, modern and abstract art, impressionism, conceptual and contemporary art, etc.
A programmes director and coordinator of Afri-cans Street Art Festival and Afri-cans Street Art Magazine’ an annual art magazine that documents street art and culture in Africa. Started in 2017, the magazine based in Kampala, Uganda, was born out of the need to celebrate, spread & uplift the art & culture in Africa and beyond with the aim to positively increase awareness and positive attitudes to this very accessible and collaborative art form.

Lubega Peter commonly known as sparrow Uganda born in Kampala Ugandain 1995 founder of Africans street art festival. He is a stree art artist, activist, photographer, and teacher who was inspired by
different street artists where he got the courage to start practicing art which later became his carrier.
visuals that beautify spaces for communities and spread street art knowledge impact the community
and societies positively.
He has been involved in the off the wall graffiti in Ethiopia, MTNUGANDA, break dance project
Uganda, inmovement, bataloeastdancefestival, universal zulunation, Bavubuka dynasty, in place of war
at doadoa east African dance festival, Africanstreetartfestival, must afikaart seven in Arusha Tanzania,
breakfast jam Uganda,skillseastAfrica,
open space Uganda, dream house Uganda, talent a youth movement, the unseen me art exhibition,
Kampala international school of Uganda, gothe zentrum for the graffiti event, fly Uganda.